About Ready4life

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Educate –Equip – Empower


A quality education is something which every child and youngster should get regardless of their family background and community to which they belong to. We believe everyone is given a unique skill set which enables a person to prosper in life. Education is the road to deploy this unique skill set. Lifelong learning, being an integral part of our life, awareness about global education will support development in education system and provide more opportunities for children and youngsters to study.

South Africans have inspired the world by building a thriving democracy on the ashes of racial oppression. Building a solid foundation of learning and teaching remains one of the greatest challenges to the country fully unlocking its extraordinary potential. We acknowledge that it will take decades to rectify the wrongs of apartheid and restore the balance in South Africa’s education system. Indeed, the re-establishment of a culture of teaching and lifelong learning is very much still a “work in progress” where we want to contribute.

Ready4life Trust is a South African Non-Profit organisation that has been running successful projects in previous disadvantaged communities to assist in improving education and unlocking extraordinary potential.

Our model is predicated on training and recognition, community ownership, project sustainability and focused on general challenges. Projects are designed to be scalable and replicable to maximize impact in the greatest number of places.

The projects are based on the 3 main pillars:

  • Assisting Schools
  • 21st Century Workplace Readiness
  • Digital Class Rooms

To conclude with a quote of the late Nelson Mandela

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”