The House of Resurrection Children’s Home is an NPO (Non Profit Organization) in Salsoneville Township near Port Elizabeth, South Africa. They offer a secure and sustaining home to children who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS or abandonment. Since December 2010, House of Resurrection Children’s Home has been implementing a foster cluster strategy where one Mother in residence cares for six children in a homelike environment. The children are surrounded with normal family interactions that add to their developmental, health, and spiritual needs. They continue to transform from an orphanage with sick children to a cluster of “homes” with healthy children. Their mission is to promote safe, secure and stable family life and homes for children where each child learns to know and demonstrate its full potential on the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level.

As a volunteer you may assist in household chores like cooking and cleaning as well as help out with transportation or dropping off and fetching children at the school bus stop. If you like to support children between the ages 2 – 5 you may help out in the Bongolethu Playschool where a child is able to develop, grow and learn in a fun and healthy environment. This project is especially suitable for families who want to do voluntary work

  • 41 kids, 21 HIV infected
  • 6 housemothers
  • Age of kids 2 – 18 years
  • Volunteers duties: helping with homework, handyman, cooking, cleaning, transportation, school bus drop off