There is quite a number of children who are mentally handicapped and need special attention. Those kids often come from a socially underdeveloped environment and are placed at special schools by the Department of Education. Ready4Life is working with those schools where the kids are getting the chance of being part of sustainable education programs which help them to develop social skills and win a positive self image about themselves. They mostly have a lack of academic capabilities, and teaching them for life is a daily and repetitive work. They have the possibility to enjoy various sports, such as Netball, Soccer, Cricket, Minicricket, Swimming and Athletics.

Working with disabled children means bringing along a lot of patience and continuously motivating the learners who come from culturally diversed and mixed social groups. As a Ready4Life volunteer, you have the opportunity to assist teachers, who do practical work with the kids like making picture frames, art, fabrics painting and gardening. If you have experience in physical therapy you may help the kids in physical education. Some schools have also made very good experience with Music Therapy for severely mentally handicapped children and anybody who would be able to bring in their musical skills is mostly welcome.

Volunteers duties
assist teachers
– sports
– physical education
– musical education