Impacting 350 children per year in Kids @ School project

School is just the beginning

Children who attend school get to expand their worldview and think beyond the jobs available in their communities. As a result they get to dream bigger.

Challenges we are facing at schools

However the reality of many township schools gives a total different picture. The hardships and difficult circumstances under which children are living is causing many not to achieve their dreams. People in the township are not seldomly living under the 1$ per day line as a result of unemployment. Consequently, they are facing every day challenges such as hunger, substance abuse and crime. As a result children don’t get the full attention they need to suceed in their academical performance. Class rooms with over 50 children, the lack of resources in schools, dealing with social and educational problems and hunger are often also contributing to dropouts. A life on the street is for many the only way to survive in life.

A shocking statistic is that 78% of grade 4 cannot read. Sadly compared with the 49 other countries, South Africa is dead last –according to The Pirls (Progress in International Reading and Literacy Study) report released in 2017.  Furthermore, statistics are showing that in the Eastern Cape 46% of the children are dropping out before reaching grade 12.

Together we can #Let them dream bigger

In Ready4life’s Kids @ School program we are assisting children at schools with Remedial teaching, Writing, Calculation, and Social skills. Together with the teachers we identify children that are behind and assess on individual basis where the problems lie. Often it is just helping children with the basics of reading and writing and inspire them. Hence, a little push in this regard is sometimes enough to academically perform again in the class room. Social issues require sometimes the assessment of a psychologist or Social Worker. In the Kids @ School program we formed a fund to assist those children. Also practical things can be an issue like not having a school uniform or shoes which is required by most schools.

A dedicated team of volunteers and interns (local and international) in collaboration with the teachers have achieved remarkable results. We believe working together and learning from each other in an intercultural setting is the key to success. #Let them dream bigger

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Our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals


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