Smart-Education the new road to walk

The world around us is changing rapidly. The way how we learn has changed tremendously over the years. In 1st world countries Internet, Education 4.0, App development, Smart cities and Smart-Education are an integral part of society. Port Elizabeth (Nelson Mandela Bay) have embraced the Smart City Concept and is working hard to make the city “Smart”. Companies, government, incubators and NGO are sharing their ideas, experiences and visions on several platforms. Every part of the Smart City has its own work committee to develop smart plans. Ready4life has agreed to be the work committee leader Smart-Education due to our experiences in IT Technology, in education and our access to knowledge of prestigious institutes overseas.

Challenges the Metro and township schools are facing

The gap between the 1st world countries and 3rd world countries is widing out. One of the causes is the use of IT Technology. However, sometimes we see promising leapfrogging (skipping a few steps in development) in the use of technology. Not using Internet banking but doing payments straight away with your Smartphone is a good example out of the financial world.

The shortage of qualified ICT technicians and Engineers are damping the growth of the Metro. ICT is the backbone and needed for so many processes in the Metro. Unfortunately, the Metro is losing University Graduates to the big cities as Cape Town and Johannesburg, because of the job opportunities in these cities.

The use of IT Technology in township schools is not a common thing. Smart-Education, Education 4.0 are terms which are being received by blank looks. The Eastern Cape is one of the worst performing provinces in using IT Technology and connectivity to internet in township schools. A huge challenge is the average knowledge of teachers and principals about how to use IT Technology. Considering the history, it is understandable where township schools are. But if we want the best for the next generation we all have to gear up.

Government sees this, too and large budgets are allocated towards IT Technology and connectivity. But there are still many challenges.

Together we can #Connect township schools to the Global village

Ready4life’s project Maintaining-Computer-Labs is helpful but it needs to be embedded in the bigger picture of Smart City. This is the main reason for taking over the leadership of work committees Smart Education. This gives us more access to the latest developments in the Metro from which township schools could benefit. Through the expertise and help of overseas parties as Universities, Research and Expertise institutes Ready4life is able to develop programs helping to eradicate the IT Technology gap. Besides, Ready4life wants to inspire the next generation to use technology.

One of the first steps is to create awareness around ICT, Smart Education or brother Technology. One of the campaigns we run, in cooperation with SNII (Seda’s IT incubator), is the PI-Wize competition. By using a Raspberry PI we show the next generation how exciting it is using technology and creating something new with technology. The pilot for 10 schools was very successful and we are busy to enlarge this campaign to all schools.


Connectivity to internet is a problem at most Townschip Schools. Internet and Wifi Networks are not free available or very poor of quality. This is not something Ready4life can solve, but by lobbying on several platforms we see initiatives assuming a shape.  Ready4life has done a successful research pilot. Ready4life gained experience how to set up a long range Wifi connection with access to internet. As a result it gave Ready4life insight in the viability of such a network. Recognizing the rapid development in technology, the investment to be made, maintenance to be done by high specialist ICT guys, has taught us that Government and the Telkom need to step in. To connect a few schools is not a problem, but to connect all township schools is a totally different ball game.

We see ourselves more in the role of creating awareness, training and teaching how to use modern technology in the class room.

#Close the IT cap between Private and township schools

Are you helping us in this cause? Furthermore we are looking for partners who want to help us to enroll the PI-Wize competition in the Metro.

See also the causes how to make practically a difference.

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Our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Sustainable Development Goals UN -Smart-EducationSustainable goal UN 1 No poverty -Smart-EducationSustainable goal UN 4 Quality Education -Project maintaining-computer-labs

Sustainable goal UN 8 Decent work and economic growth -Smart-Education

Sustainable goal UN 10 Reduced Inequalities -Smart-Education

Sustainable goal UN 11 Sustainable Cities -Smart-EducationSustainable goal UN 17 Partnerships for the goals -Smart-Education