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The right subject choice will pave the road to get your dream job, visit a Study-Career-Expo

Grade 9 learners coming from township schools often have no idea about their possibilities and options after the secondary school. As a result, they often choose their school subjects based on what friends told them and not based on their talents and areas of excellence. By organizing a Study-Career-Expo we assist them to make the right choice.

Challenges Grade 9 learners are facing

In grade 9 you have to choose the path you will follow to get your dream job. For many learners a frightening outlook if they are not informed about the possibilities and don’t want to have the same job as their parents. Many township schools are lacking the resources needed to adequately inform and prepare their learners. An overfull schedule of the life science teacher is contributing too. There is inequality between the township schools and former model C schools (private schools). Private School learners are better prepared for their subject choices than township school learners.

As a result many learners are choosing wrong subjects. When they reach the final year of the secondary school and start looking for follow-up studies, they discover that their subject choices are not matching with the requirements. Often they are not even starting to study. When they do, it is often a study which is not matching their basic talents. At a later stage this plays out in finding a job of their dreams. TVET colleges and Universities are having challenges to close this gap. Tertiary institutions are often forced to have an extended program in order to enable learners to qualify for an undergraduate course. This all is contributing to the high unemployment rate in the country. Companies can’t find qualified staff who can do the job and enjoy what they are doing.

Together we can # Prepare the pavement for their future assist in an Expo

Ready4Life is stepping in this situation by organizing Study-Career-Expos for the learners. At the Study-Career-Expo Universities and colleges, companies and government bodies give  information about studies, jobs and bursaries in every field. We prepare and give guidance to the grade 9 learners with different workshops at the schools. Also by supporting the Working World Exhibition in Port Elizabeth a Study-Career-Expo targets at grade 11 and 12 learners. We inspire learners and let them see what is possible. We hope that they take the opportunity to choose their subjects wisely .

A dedicated team of volunteers and interns (local and international) and in collaboration with the Schools and Exhibitors, has been able to set up many successful Study-Career-Expos. We believe that working together and learning from each other in an intercultural setting is the key to success. #Inform them about a dream job

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