About Ready4Life

Educate – Equip – Empower – Recognize

Ready4Life Trust, established in 2008, is a South African Non-Profit organisation that has been running successful projects in previously disadvantaged communities to assist in improving education and unlock extraordinary potential.

Our model is predicated on training and recognition, community ownership, project sustainability and focused on general challenges. Projects are designed for scalability and replicability to maximize impact in the greatest number of places.

Quality education is something every child and youngster should get regardless of their family and community background. We believe everyone is born with a unique skillset that can enable them to prosper in life. Education is the road to deploying this unique skillset. Lifelong learning, being an integral part of our life along with awareness about global education, will support development in education systems and provide more opportunities for children and youngsters to study.

Our Core Values

Collaboration, Integrity, Professionalism and Accountability


Our projects are based on a few focus areas:

* Digital Socio-Economic Transformation

* 21st Century Workspace Readiness

* Assisting Schools in the digital world

Since the Coronavirus pandemic hit, we have adapted our digital platforms to allow for a range of administrative tasks including a vaccine passport with flexible privacy settings to allow the government an overview of vaccination statistics, as well as individuals to verify their vaccination status with concerned parties.

These main themes and projects are lined up on our platform Cities of Learning and in a bigger setup, Regions of Learning.

The platform is an open international digital platform that offers educational content, including micro-credentials (badges) and certificates. Not only educational institutions but also NGOs and training companies can use the platform. Existing education programs can be digitised, making it possible to offer a hybrid form of education. If necessary, part of the platform can be set up in a closed ecosystem.

This provides the option for educational institutions to allow only their students to access their learning content. Due to the global nature of the platform, up-to-date tested educational programs elsewhere in the world can be easily copied and localized.

Companies can subscribe to specific programs that meet their need for certain skills that increase students’ employability. Lifelong learning and continuous acquisition of new skills are guaranteed with this platform.

To conclude with a quote of the late Nelson Mandela

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

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