Prepare yourself for an job interview and the working world and get a Computer-literacy-skill Training

Many learners who graduate or look for a job have no working experience and have not been taught the basics of the working world. As a result, they don’t know how to perform in an interview nor do they know the work ethics on the work floor. Furthermore, these days many jobs require at least basic Computer-literacy-skills.

Challenges unemployed youth are facing

The average unemployment rate in South Africa is hovering around 27% as statistics show. If we look deeper into the statistics, a more shocking picture is revealing. The unemployment rate in the Nelson Mandela Bay is hovering around 34% after spiking in 2017. The youth unemployment rate is hovering around 39%‚ with 58% of unemployed people aged between 15 and 34. One of the reasons is, not knowing how to apply properly for a job or write a CV. Township schools and TVet colleges are paying insufficient attention to prepare youth for the working world. Due to the lack of resources, Township schools have often not the possibility to train learners in computer literacy. Most jobs require Computer-literacy-skills these days and you’re not being employed without those skills.

In addition, it’s shocking to see that youth often don’t know how to perform in a job interview. They violate basic rules without knowing. Above all, they don’t know how to deal with work ethics. In practice, we see that they get the job and in two weeks time, they are unemployed again.

Together we can #We can help them to find their dream job

Ready4Life prepares unemployed youth for the job market. Therefore, we offer Computer-literacy-skill courses in combination with Job Readiness or Entrepreneurial training. Read more “Entrepreneurial training and computer training”. We are also trying to connect them with the business world and prevent them from ending up in criminality caused by hopelessness and passivity.

Ready4life is carrying out this program in cooperation with Township Schools.  Some schools have computer labs. However, most of those computer labs are not used due to a lack of maintenance or resources to appoint a teacher for computer literacy. We can step in by offering computer maintenance and in exchange, we use those computer labs to train teachers, learners and the unemployed youth in surrounding areas. Our philosophy is that unemployed youth need to own their future. We require that they contribute to their courses. In case there are financial constraints we offer possibilities to do voluntary service at the school, a win-win situation.

Apart from Job readiness and Computer-literacy-skills at Township Schools, we offer further more advanced and accredited computer training at our Support and Training Centre. This program is teaching unemployed youth to get a job and to keep a job.

A dedicated team of volunteers and interns (local and international) and in collaboration with the Township Schools, have been able to help many unemployed youngsters. Most of all, we believe working together and learning from each other in a intercultural setting is the key to success.

#Get your dream job

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Our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals UN -Project Computer-literacy-skill
Sustainable goal UN 1 No poverty -Project Computer-literacy-skill
Sustainable goal UN 4 Quality Education -Project Computer-literacy-skill
Sustainable goal UN 8 Decent work and economic growth -Project Computer-literacy-skill