Support us to introduce youth to coding using the Raspberry Pi (Pi-Wize)

Ready4Life has started in co-operation with SNII ( the Raspberry Pi-Wize-Competition. The learners will be able to develop their knowledge of simple electronics and computing. They set up a Raspberry Pi and write their first program using the Python programming language.

Challenges we are facing

The Raspberry Pi components are quite expensive and are unaffordable for lots of disadvantaged youth interested in coding.  With the Raspberry Pi Kits the learners will be exploring, programming and experimenting with a Raspberry Pi within just a few minutes. It is the perfect kit to get them started with any project, classroom lesson, in the lab or at home. Learners will start with 9 fun projects on their road to invention.

Together we can prepare the youth for the digital world

The pilot of the Raspberry Pi-Wize-Competition was quite successful. We are aiming to roll it out over the whole Nelson Mandela Bay to contribute to the wider goal of empowering young people for successful transition to the 4th industrial revolution. We are enabling their easier transition to the labour market by developing their digital literacy and social competences. These abilities are so much demanded by economies both in Africa and Europe as indicated by the World Economic Forum  and The Digital Competence Framework.

Help us to make a difference and become a partner of Ready4Life to assist youth interested in coding and programming and lead these learners on the path to a digital future.